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"Ya Dong" seller beats drunk customer to death for kicking his four year old


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"Ya Dong" seller beats drunk customer to death for kicking his four year old



Picture: Thai Rath


Poh Teck Tung rescue foundation who were called to a "Ya Dong" (herbal liquor) stall in Bangkok found a 39 year old Surin man had been beaten to death. 


Narong Mumthong, a messenger, had been killed by Noppaporn Phosri, 30, from Kamphaengphet who is the owner of the stall in Ram Inthra Soi 8 in Bang Khen district. 


He gave himself up to police and told them that Narong had been drinking Ya Dong since early evening. He was drunk and kicked Noppaporn's four year old daughter in the butt causing her to cry as the little girl played and ran around the stall.


Furious about this Noppaporn confronted Narong and a fist fight ensued that resulted in the drunk man being knocked down. Still unable to contain his anger he kicked the victim until he was still.


He called Poh Teck Tung who declared him dead when they arrived at the scene. 


Noppaporn has been charged with assault resulting in death. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-15
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4 minutes ago, Bangkokhatter said:

And now the 4 year old will grow up for a while without a Dad.

I always wonder at some parents who say they would do this or that if someone harmed their child, do they stop to think of the consequences of their revenge ?

They don't anger takes hold. It's very easy to sit at a computer and point out he made a terrible mistake but in the moment you're talking about some extremely powerful urges to protect your offspring. He made a serious mistake and he and his child will suffer the consequences. It's unfortunate the victim put the man in this position to begin with.

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5 minutes ago, FritsSikkink said:

Anyone who kicks a 4 year old is not worth the life they got. 


1 hour ago, Greyhat said:

He might have stopped before he killed the guy but I have sympathy for the circumstances. Kicking a man's 4 year old child is asking for a good beating. Sometimes the red mist just takes over.

Get rid of both idiots is the best solution.

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