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BANGKOK 20 March 2019 01:43

VFS taken £2000 and cannot contact them

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2 hours ago, silentnine said:



Many thanks for that information
2 of the transactions have gone from pending to fully paid , 1 on credit card, the other the debit card
i've had an an email exchange with VFS helpline and they asked for the bank statements and said thye would forward the info to there payments provider.
and the UKVI helpline referred me back to there premium rate email and phone service who already said its not them its vfs i have to speak to.

my bank (metro bank) , the one i used with the debit card are still being difficult insisting only VFS being the receiver can do a refund, but armed with the new info posted above i will try again today.

Sounds like progress, particularly if you have established communication with VFS, the biggest initial obstacle.

I think their is a certain amount of manual cross referencing goes on which under certain circumstances may confuse them but they should have some procedure for unallocated payments. I think it is almost certain they have received the funds, just not tied the payment to an application.

Good luck.

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