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Prayuth most favoured PM candidate while Pheu Thai party leads – Nida Poll

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Prayuth most favoured PM candidate while Pheu Thai party leads – Nida Poll




Prayut Chan-o-cha currently tops the list of prime ministerial candidates, but the pro-Thaksin Pheu Thai party is ahead, according to the latest NIDA Poll (National Institute of Development Administration).

The survey sampled opinions from 2,091 people of minimum age 18 years and with varied occupations and educational backgrounds between February 4th and 7th.

Of the ten most favoured prime ministerial candidates, Prayuth Cha-o-cha led the field polling 26.06% with Sudarat Keyuraphan of the Pheu Thai party coming second, with 24.01%.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/prayuth-most-favoured-pm-candidate-while-pheu-thai-party-leads-nida-poll/



-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2019-02-16

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8 minutes ago, neeray said:

I know a few who like him including a fine doctor who uttered (to my disgrace) "we love that little man".

But I know many more who DON'T love him and will cast their vote elsewhere. I hear many positives about one man "Thanathorn" (nickname Ek).


From The Nation:

"FUTURE FORWARD Party (FWP) leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit on Monday announced he was ready to become the prime minister and highlighted the campaign “Thailand 2X” that promoted equality among Thais and make the country fit to compete with others."


The "fat lady ain't sung yet".

Neeray, I would love to see Thanathorn as the leader of Thailand. For once, Thailand could stand tall and proud on the international stage with a man possessed of those sterling qualities as prime minister. He is intelligent, articulate, well educated, progressive, humane, just and democratic - everything his opponents are NOT!


But I fear that the people will not sufficiently support him and that the Military will not allow Thanathorn to gain any kind of real power in any case. Not at this time. One day, however - maybe; one day ....



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