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BANGKOK 20 March 2019 22:04

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1 hour ago, AAArdvark said:

Question, without ATM cards, how do you manage daily cash expenses or do you just go to the bank and withdraw enough to last a while?


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I've been dealing with Bangkok Bank for 14+ years now and have never been charged additional fees except when I've made a cash withdrawal from another bank's ATM.

Don't recall ever being charged an annual fee (on any of my accounts) and have NEVER been pushed to pay for any kind of insurance (but then I already have 2 policies with them). Before I took those though, they never pressured me or told me I had to do anything.

The bank should be able to easily explain what the charges are. I highly doubt they are tallying up a bunch of small charges over the course of a year and then billing you for them at one time. 
I know that "back home" some banks have accounts where you get a better interest rate but are limited to the number of transactions you can do per month and anything above the limit results in a "per transaction" fee - which are billed either as they occur or monthly at most.
Other accounts waive the fees if the balance is maintained above a certain amount but if the balance drops below the threshold, then the fees are applied.


However, with Bangkok Bank it's never been an issue even when I've let the balance (in my regular Savings account) drop down to under 10k. Never been dinged with an "annual" fee for my debit card or any other additional charges (other than the "other ATM" fees of course).

So I'd say you may have an automatic payment set up for something that is billed once a year or you've been clicking on SMS messages on your phone and accepting things (like "Daily Horoscopes sent directly to your phone !" that add fees to your phone bill. Normally that would be paid monthly as well (if, for example, you have your phone bill being automatically paid from your bank).

Whatever the case - the bank would be the ones who could actually explain it, especially when no one here (besides yourself) has probably seen your bank book so can't see what the "charges" are.
For example - if we saw "5,000 cash withdrawal" and the code for "other ATM" and below that a 25 baht fee, then it would be easy to figure out that you have been making cash withdrawals at ATMs belonging to other banks and that is why you are getting charged those extra fees, which is pretty much standard everywhere (yes, including most banks "back home").
But without knowing what transactions you are doing so frequently or seeing some examples of the fees being deducted in your bank book, it's kind of hard to speculate about what the actual problem could be.




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