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BANGKOK 17 August 2019 20:31

Video: Granny gets impaled on railings after balcony fall at Bangkok estate

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Even as a schoolboy I often wondered why those fence metals rods had to be sharp spear like design. I remembered asking the priest of my Roman Catholic School and he said, "When the devils tried to come down from above these spears will prick their bottoms so they keep away from them".

As a boy I was thinking so it's the devil again? My IQ went down a few numbers after I listened to the explanation by the priest. ( has remained low ever since )。

Could it be the devil or demon that pushed the granny down to prepare for a BBQ? I am not making fun of her suffering. But think carefully why do they make such horrible fence with sharp spears sticking up ready for you to fall on them.  I don't hear robbers or thieves fall on them . Only granny and dogs. The last time was a dog, remember? They should change the design, make it demon friendly and everybody will be better for it. Don't tell me it deters robbers and thieves. They are smart ass they don't fall they are professionals, good in their job.


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On 2/17/2019 at 5:17 AM, seahorse said:

Didn't you read the opening post? She was doing some cleaning. 

Was she cleaning the outside of the balcony wall/railings?

Did we ever get an answer to what happened?

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