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Boy bought rose for every girl in class so none went without on Valentine’s Day

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A mum has spoken of her pride after her son used his pocket money to make sure every girl received a Valentine’s Day rose.


Callum Drew, eight, bought 68 roses for them all so that they would have something to open yesterday.


For the past few years he has given out flowers at Lacey Gardens School in Louth, Lincolnshire, from his grandmother’s shop.

She died earlier this year, but Callum wanted to keep up the tradition so used money raised from washing cars to buy them silk roses.


He said: ‘I just wanted to get some flowers for the girls in year four as I don’t want them to feel let down on Valentine’s Day.


‘I will go around every class and give them their present. I have done it before for the last four years. The girls jump on me and scream because they are happy.’


Callum’s biggest gift is being reserved for his girlfriend, who he says is okay with him treating all the other girls despite it being their first Valentine’s Day together.


Callum’s mum, Stacey says she is incredibly proud of her son for his consideration for other people’s feelings.


She said: ‘He’s been doing it for four years, he started out with just his class but now he gives roses to every girl in his year – he says that no girl should be left out.



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