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BANGKOK 26 March 2019 08:50

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Firstly, I worry that I may have tried the patience of many so want to thank all those who helped me resolve my last topic; the peculiarities of Sanskrit transcription into English. Especially Oxx who did not give up and Briggsy who appeared to have decided that “life was too short”. To the other contributors I also give thanks although there were times when the thread was lost. I appreciate that RTGS and other forms of phonetics are of interest to many people so hopefully they got something from it.
I have reached a stage in life where pride is not one of my failings so will keep asking. If any of you are teachers you will know that it involves a great deal of tolerance and the test of a good teacher is to provide enough information and guidance to enable the student to come to the desired conclusion, rather than force agreement.
I think that if you review the topic posts through to No. 25 you will see that I was consistent throughout and with the cooperation of the forum, eventually came to a conclusion. Since there was no contradiction I take it that you agree with me.
What I found most instructive was the translation of the original Thai inscription by King Ramkhamheng, which I thought I had never encountered but now realise is the basis for all the history I have read on สุโขทัย and ศร่สัชนาลัย which doesn’t go much further back than พ่อขุนอินทราทิตย์.
Question, Oxx does Sanskrit show plural by inflection as in the translation? viharas = วิหาร . I know that I risk more admonition by asking that!
I fear that I have deviated from my purpose somewhat. I really do want to express my thanks, I have learned a great deal as, I hope, have others. The more we learn, the more we see there is to learn.
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