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BANGKOK 26 March 2019 00:45

Help requested for visa logistics -- can 60 day visa be deferred?

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I could use a little help figuring out my visa logistics. Specifically, I'm wondering if it's possible to receive a 60-day visa, and then choose not to use it when I enter Thailand so I can save it for an upcoming trip. 


I'm not a resident of Thailand nor am I trying to be one. I'm based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

I need to be in Thailand for a family function from April 3-June 1.  I also need to bring some items to a family member in Thailand on March 16th, and then cross overland into Cambodia to meet some other family who are flying in to meet me there, then return to Bangkok by air on March 29th. 


There is no Thai embassy in KK, so I will need to go to Penang to apply for the 60-day visa. 


I think I have two options: 
1) Enter on March 16th on the 30-day visa. Exit March 18th to Cambodia. Then re-enter by air on 30-day visa on March 29th, and try to get an extension on April 28th for another 30 days at our local passport office. The problem with this is that I have an important function on May 1st, and really shouldn't miss it trying to get my extension / being denied (does that ever happen?) 

2) Get my 60-day visa in Penang. Enter on March 16th and try to convince the passport officer to give me the 30-days-on-arrival and defer my 60-day visa for my next entry. 


Option 2 seems like the best, but is it even possible??? Can you wonderful visa experts help me sort this out? Thank you so much for your time and advice. 




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1. You can apply for the extension at a immigration office (not a passport office) a week early without a problem and you would lose no days since the extension would start from the end of your 30 entry. The chances of the the extension being denied is about zero.

2. The would be up to the immigration officer. The can insist upon using the visa for entry.

    If the visa was used then you could get a re-entry permit at a immigration office to keep the remainder of the 60 days valid when you  enter the country using it.

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The validity of your Visa and the validity of permission to stay from entry of the Visa are separate.


If you enter on a 60 day Tourist Visa, say 14th March, you'll be given permission to stay until May 12th.

Purchase a single re-entry permit from your local Immigration office, before leaving for Cambodia. (1,000 baht)

When you return 29th March from Cambodia you will be stamped in again until May 12th.

Then a week before 12th May apply for a 30 day extension (1,900 baht) at your local Immigration office, extending your permission to stay until June 10th.

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Thank you for your help! 

We will simply enter on March 16 with the 30-day Tourist visa, transit to Cambodia on March 18, and then re-enter March 29 with the 30-day Tourist visa as well. Then on April 24th or around there I guess we can apply for the 30-day extension at the local immigration office, which I guess will give us the ability to stay until May 28. 

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