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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 02:51

Two Thais injured as Brit makes "sudden U-turn"

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Two Thais injured as Brit makes "sudden U-turn"



Picture: The Pattaya News


Police were called to an accident in Thepprasit Road, Pattaya just after midnight on Sunday when two Thais on a motorbike hit a car driven by a British man.


Pol Lt Aris Phuangsawai and Sawang Boriboon rescue personnel were on the scene and found a Honda City with Chonburi plates stopped in the middle of the road. It had damage to the right rear side.


The driver was named as 34 year old Samuel Matthew Stonard.


On the tarmac was a Yamaha Spark with an Ayuthaya plate and two people, a man and a woman.


They were named as Chalermphon Pongketrakarn, 35, and Khamyat Dechabun, 44.


After being given first aid at the scene they were taken to Bang Lamung Hospital.


Chalermphon said he was heading for Sukhumvit Road when the car made a sudden and unexpected U-turn. He was unable to brake in time and hit the rear right side at speed.


Source: The Pattaya News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-18
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4 minutes ago, SammyT said:

Great story, but it also stands to reason you'll see more poor thai driving than poor western driving given westerners only make up a fraction of the population. 


Ultimately the guy has u-turned into oncoming traffic and has been ploughed into by a car that had right of way. I know who I would pick to be at fault. 



looking at the rear of the car it seems the Brit hadn't actually started his alleged U-turn as the bike seems to have gone straight into the rear of the car, perhaps by U-turn he meant right turn and the car just pulled across in front of him from the left, the bike seems to have been going pretty fast looking at the damage - but still you cannot just cross lanes without checking properly

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6 minutes ago, ThreeEyedRaven said:

he would have been able to avoid it, don't you think?

nope, not if the car suddenly pulled across in front of him which seems to be the most likely cause of this accident IMO

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