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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 02:42

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An informal poll.


Will you be a Leaver or a Remainer? 


Some believe the majority on monthly income will raise the 800k and remain.


Some believe the majority on monthly income will leave.


Will many chose to overstay?


Will there be a mass exodus of foreigners over the next 12 months, or very little difference in foreigner population in Thailand?  





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On 2/18/2019 at 4:53 PM, SheungWan said:

You appear to have a limited view of the range of visas available.

Not really.  There are already cases being reported on TV of the 65k monthly bank deposits not being accepted.  Probably because they think a lot of the 65k is recycled money, and they are probably right.  It was to be expect this would happen. 


A lot of Embassies not issuing the letters now.


There is the O visa which requires insurance.  I can imagine the price for an older person with pre-existing conditions.  Probably can't even qualify for insurance, so that visa is out for them.


That leaves tourist visas.  So the whole thing goes full circle with many back to living on tourist visas here and doing visa runs.  


Or, people just overstay.   

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