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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 03:17

Lampang monk arrested, defrocked after getting aide to buy meth pills

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Lampang monk arrested, defrocked after getting aide to buy meth pills

By The Nation




A Buddhist monk in Lampang was arrested and defrocked on Monday morning after allegedly sending his layman aide to buy 400 methamphetamine pills, supposedly for his own use.


Lampang’s narcotics suppression police joined forces with Army troops based in the province to arrest Phra Seksit Saenmuangpiang, 27, at a temple in Tambon Wiang Nua in Mueang district.


The officials searched the living quarters of the monk after his aide had earlier been arrested in possession of 400 pills. 


The aide, a layman, told them that the monk had sent him out to purchase the drugs.


Initially, officials did not find any other drugs after searching Seksit’s living quarters, but a bag with 144 meth pills was later discovered beneath the raised platform in the room.


After later admitting that the drugs belonged to him, he was immediately defrocked by the temple abbot.


Seksit, who had been ordained five years ago, told officials he had become addicted to meth and had used Bt20,000 of temple funds from public merit-making donations to buy drugs for his own use.


However, the authorities suspect that he purchased the drugs for reselling, and he has therefore been charged with having narcotics in his possession with intent to sell.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30364330



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-02-18


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Seems the calling to cultivate spiritually is rather a whimper in Thai Buddhist culture. Low entry standard sully the Buddhist tradition. As I understand Buddhism, a layman must have the practice of purifying self in thought, speech and action before even contemplating entering monkhood. In Thai Buddhist culture, it seems the castaways, ex-cons, criminal fugitives ,misfits and the layabouts can all find refuge in the temples being ordained into monkhood. Having news of these defrocked ex-monks regularly in the news, involved in various criminal activities ,also reflect badly upon the management board of the Buddhist authorities. 

Just look at all the tattoos in this guy’s body. He ain’t belong to some elite forces, that I am certain. Certainly not at the order of the temple abbot. 

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