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Utapao to Koh Chang

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Hello all, first post but long time lurker.


I am trying to get to Koh Chang from Chiang Mai. Seems the cheapest way it to fly Chiang Mai to Utapao (1200 BHT p/p) and then a bus to Trat. Apparently there is a 398 bus that does this but I cannot find any information on times and cost beyond the announcement that the service was starting up.


Has anyone used this service to confirm it does exist and any idea of times? The only information I can find is someone saying they were discouraged from using it in order to push them to private travel.


The private transfers offered on 12go (4000 BHT) are more that it would cost to fly to Trat (about the same).


Due to my wife suffering rheumatism, we didn't want to do the super long bus from Bangkok and 4000 BHT p/p for a flight to Trat is above our budget as it will be the same problem going back.


Thanks in advance for any information. I usually find all my travel planning by search but have come up stumped on this one.




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i searched recently and could find no information on the new bus to koh chang, other than the bangkok post article on the 3 new routes, i have seen the one to Rayong, (photo's attached) i would think your best bet would be to get the one run by B and H, to rayong and then another from Rayong to Koh chang, i ended up taking my friends to rayong to catch this minibus






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