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Best options, pump and set up..

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One of our plots is about 150m long, from main highway to the back of the plot. Behind the plot is jungle and there is a river about 300m into the jungle.

What is the best set up, regards pump and piping to get water up to the top of our land. Wouldn't want to run cable that far to the river and probably not a great idea to leave a pump set up by the river !!


Any thoughts ?

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How about a Honda petrol engine and  pump ,you say to the top of your land ,is it a gentle slope or a side of a hill ,if it a gentle slope a Hoda engine and pump would probably do the job, most pumps like this will use a 2inch pipe  but if it is steep, this set up will not provide enough head to pump the water any distance ,

I have seen a diesel engine and pump set up, with 3-inch pipe outlet .made in China, should be ok if not used 24/7.

With this setup, you just uncouple the pipes in the evening and take the home pump. 

Or if you have a small tractor you could rig a pump up using the PTO, it would gi.ve you more head and water volume, we used one on our llittleHino worked well irragating some sweet corn.   

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