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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 03:44
Thaivisa Web Content Team

Terrified mum feels 'violated' after taxi driver sends her 'creepy' messages

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A mum has said she felt "violated, creeped out and unsafe" after a taxi driver sent her a string of strange messages.


Natasha claims the driver got her number from the dispatcher of the company he works for and sent her a number of unsettling questions.


She claims he made her feel a little "unsettled" during the journey and quizzed her about her house, but she didn't really think about it once she got out of the car.


Early the next day she received a text from an unknown number.


Speaking to Australian radio show 3AW Drive , Natasha said: "I got a text on my personal number saying, 'If you need taxi tell me I come get you (sic)'".


"I had quite the freak out — actually at first I was confused and texted, 'Who's this?'"


She claims the driver said his home is "full of junkies" and as asked her to "put in a good word to the landlord" of her block of flats.


Natasha has shared photos of the text conversation on social media and has since been contacted by a number of women who have been in similar situations.


She has complained to the taxi company, writing: "I'm feeling incredibly violated, creeped out, upset and extremely upset.


"The man knows where I live and now he has my phone number."


They have apologised for the fact she was upset and says they "don't condone invasion of privacy at any time".


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An educative incident...now not that I mean to be nasty, but what is the connection with Thailand in this issue ? :sorry:

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