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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 03:14

10 Countries It’s Crazy Easy To Immigrate

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I found a website, which lists 10 countries, to which it is a lot easier now, to immigrate to. This website includes for each of those countries the required immigration applications, the required monthly income (for most of them it is lower than in Thailand), how to achieve permanent residency (in all of them it is easier than in Thailand, in one country after staying in it only 50 weeks. I did not check jet, how expensive it is, to live in these countries, in comparison to Thailand. Maybe a forum member has an idea?
I am married to a Thai wife, we have a farm and breed cattle. She probably would not come with me to another country, as she did not agree to come to me while I was living still in Germany.
I am already living for 15 years in Thailand and I like it here. But as I am getting old, and the yearly new application requirements for any visa change almost every year and get harder. The 90 days personally show ups are really a pain and cause stress. At the moment I am only considering to immigrating to one of the two counties I like most out of the 10 listed on the website.



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