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BANGKOK 18 March 2019 21:09

Teenager who joined IS group in Syria to lose UK citizenship

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48 minutes ago, Spidey said:

Although anti racist, I do feel that anyone who turns their back on a country to aid terrorists that openly plot the downfall of, attack, kill, and maim, the innocent citizens of that country, can't be surprised when that country revokes their citizenship.


She made her bed, now she can lie in it. Som nam na. 

Given that she does have a second citizenship then yes the right move.

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31 minutes ago, BB1958 said:


I served 8 years in the British Royal Navy, at a time when Britain was not ruled by "British Muslims"... 


Britain, it's heritage, it's culture, it's identity and everything that once made us who we are - is gone, seemingly forever. 

And you've done your part to stop this by moving to Thailand? Ironic you haven't immigration laws of your own country while relying on the immigration laws of another's. 

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