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Viral video: Cover your ears now! Every Thai swear word under the sun as taxi driver and "ee kwai" battle it out!


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Viral video: Cover your ears now! Every Thai swear word under the sun as taxi driver and "ee kwai" battle it out!
A phone video going viral on the internet features a treasure trove of things NOT to say for those learning the Thai language.
It was one of the foulest battles of vulgar Thai language seen on social media in years!
It starts innocently enough with a rather rotund woman exiting a taxi and making a phone call. 
Soon it emerges that the person taking the video is the taxi driver and he suspects that the woman is trying to avoid paying her fare.
He explains to some people nearby that this is always happening to him. He said the woman is trying to contact a friend to pay but she is not picking up. 
He said he has already been waiting a long time and it seems to just be a ruse on behalf of the woman not to pay. The driver starts following the woman around and won't let her out of his sight.
Soon things start heating up and the insults fly for all of five minutes or more. Most of it comes from the taxi driver but the woman gives as good as she gets. 
The driver suggests that the woman is a buffalo. He also contends that her mother is an elephant or has previously fornicated with a pachyderm. 
She is referred to as a male member and her mother's sexual habits are questioned further. 
More "elephants and buffaloes" are traded before water monitors are invoked along with assertions that the woman is not only overweight but a "desperate, poor female dog".
At the mention of the work "b**ch" a whole pack of the neighborhood dogs join the cacophony with some loud barking of their own. 
At one point the driver manages a Thai "all comers" record for the number of "ee kwai's" ever heard in a single breath, Thaivisa notes. 
"Ee kwai" an impolite way to refer to a human being suggesting they have the attributes of a buffalo. 
The video was viewed tens of thousands of times after it was posted on the "Kep kot" page. Kep kot, rather amusingly, means keeping your frustrations to yourself.
Over 50,000 commented with the great majority supporting the taxi driver who many said was clearly being ripped off by the woman, reported Thai Rath. 
Source: Thai Rath
-- [emoji2398] Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-20   [/url]

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40 minutes ago, Somtamnication said:

I don't understand what happened. So I repeated these words with perfect intonation to my wife and now she won't talk to me!


u  lucky  lucky man

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4 hours ago, Bluespunk said:

Not defending the woman's alleged intentions, if they are correct.


Doesn't change my view of this man.


He's a bullying thug.



Bullying in which way? Are you female? Seems you are alone on this one.


She took a taxi ride and didn't pay, so what do you contend that he should have done?


He rightly shamed her. 


Then she compounded her theft and tried to turn everyone against him, but every person saw her for what she is...and left them to it.

I totally agree with his actions. No violence and filmed everything so she couldn't claim as such.

Now up for all to see. She's a vile creature.

Why didn't she get out at her final destination? Crooked it seems.


Pathetic to try to blame the victim for standing up for himself.

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If you are looking for swearing just go to any TV on a Friday night before your friend comes on to tell you what you should do.
That program is the bestest ever energy saving show...every one swears then turns the TV off saving megawatts of electricity.
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