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I faced a problem of anxiety after quitting smoking. I have been smoking for several years, but several months ago I felt that I was not a healthy person anymore and decided to quit. But when I overcome problems with physical health, problems with mental health started. It is really difficult to quit cold turkey and I can't understand why, I don't have a lot of stresses or problems now, but my mental condition is so poor. I read a lot of articles and found some interesting sites like VapingDaily, but I would like to know some advice about how to overcome this. Thank you.

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Vaping in Thailand is illegal Frances.


You can kill yourself with cigarettes, but not by vaping  here ! Even  though e-cigs seem to be available everywhere


A French woman was fined 40,000 baht for vaping in Phuket so I read on this forum today.


I quit cold turkey when my doctor said that I was developing emphasimia. That did it.


Don't get to that stage, I just stopped there and then and that was 2 years ago. Are you still smoking or have you quit? If you have then that's brilliant. I'm not a phsyciatrist so I can't help with your mental problems but maybe try and find a councilor wherever you live.


I don't know how old you are but I suppose the younger you are the harder it is to see the health risks, when you get to my age they are laid out before you...and they are frightening


Good luck Frances, sorry I could not be more helpful

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I smoked for 25 years ad loved it, tried to quit a few times with all different methods, gum, patches, laser acupuncture, hypnosis, all failed.


3 years ago, i changed to vaping and never wanted to pick up another cigarette.


Just keep in mind, vaping is not as easy as it looks, need to find head/tank that you like and gives you the right feeling


Do not vape in public and you be ok.



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