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Finnish boy, 5, savaged on Ao Nang beach by pack of wild dogs - rabies feared

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Finnish boy, 5, savaged on Ao Nang beach by pack of wild dogs - rabies feared



Picture: Daily News


A five year old boy from Finland is in a serious condition in hospital after being savaged by a pack of stray dogs on Thailand's Ao Nang beach in Krabi. 


The animals went for the little boy's throat and he was covered in blood as his distraught father carried him to an ambulance. 


He had ten wounds. He had just gone into the sea to get sand off before going home with his dad and brother.


Doctors said there is a very real fear the boy may have contracted rabies.


It is the latest of many attacks - especially on young children.



Picture: Daily News


The chief of the local administration has said he has tried everything. Now the dogs are set to be cleared off the beach entirely. 


Ao Nang in Krabi in the south is one of Thailand's most well known beaches and a mecca for tourists especially those from Scandinavia. 


Thaivisa notes that it is only a matter of time before news of attacks like this seriously affect tourism in the area. 


Daily News reported that father Appo Nikula, aged about 30, carried his boy to the ambulance after being helped by locals and tourists alike. 


A pack of 4 or 5 dogs were still snapping at him as he carried his stricken and bloodied son to safety. The boy had two gashes to his throat, lacerations on his back and bottom and a five centimeter wound on his leg. There were ten injuries after the mauling on Wednesday. 


Appo had been with his two children. The five year old had gone back in the sea to get sand off before going back to the hotel. This is when the dogs struck surrounding the screaming five year old. 


Doctors at Krabi Nakharin Hospital said they were most worried about two things. The cuts to the central throat area and the possibility the boy has contracted rabies. 


He has been given shots and has been admitted and is under close observation. 


Local authority chief Phankham Kittithornkun was exasperated with the situation saying that spaying, round-ups and vaccinations had all been tried. 


But still people kept leaving their dogs at the beach. 


He had ordered more decisive action. A meeting and survey is planned for today that could see all the animals rounded up and homes found for them elsewhere.


He is asking national park authorities for assistance.


He intimated that he is constrained by what he can do due to Thailand's strict animal cruelty laws. 


Meanwhile one operator on the beach who was not named told Daily News that many Europeans and Chinese tourists had been attacked on the beach. 


And the victims were often children aged between 4 and 8. 


It was a long standing problem.


Krabi is known to be an area where rabies is rampant. 


Sources: Daily News | Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-21
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