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Non-immigrant O VISA extension - required documents, Feb 2019

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this morning ( Feb 21, Thu ), arrived Immigration Division 1, Chaengwattana at 08.30h, completed the application of the non-Immigrant O VISA extension and left at 12.00h with ticket 60.  share with you the list of required documents, and few adjusted procedures.



1) T.M.7 application form downloaded, printed on both sides and filled.  copy not needed, no sign

2) applicant photo ( mine is in colour ), 4x6cm x1 pasted at the back of T.M.7

3) Sor Tor Mor 2 ( แบบฟอร์ม สตม.2 ) downloaded and filled, copy not needed.  BUT, student trainees distribute a newer version ( I can't tell the different ).

- - - - -

4) passport, copied every page with previous VISA pages, x1 copy and signed

- - - - -

5) Thai Marriage Certificate, x1 copy, and both my wife and myself signed

6) Kor Ror 2 ( 2 original pages ) not been updated, x1 copy, and both my wife and myself signed

7) photos of my wife and myself, pasted on x2 A4 pages, copy not needed, both my wife and myself signed

   ( including in front of house with house #, inside the house, social event with others )

- - - - -

8 ) applicant arrival form T.M.6, x1 copy both sides and signed

9 ) applicant 90-day notification receipt, x1 copy and signed

10) acknowledgement of penalties for VISA overstay, filled and signed

- - - - -

11) my wife's Tabien Baan Blue Book, x1 copy, both my wife and myself signed

12) my own Tabien Baan Yellow Book, x1 copy, both my wife and myself signed

13) hand drawn local map, copy not needed, both my wife and myself signed

- - - - -

14) bank letter on current balance ( B400,000+ ), copy not needed, no sign

15) bank passbook with on-the-date transaction ( withdrawn B1,900 ), x1 copy every page, signed

- - - - -

16) my wife's Thai ID card, x1 copy, my wife signed

17) 'statement' document #3 in Thai - Thai wife asks for applicant to stay and to support the family, my wife signed



officer may ask applicant for different documents.  above just my case.

everything you give away, no copy, signed ( except bank letter ); everything you take home, x1 copy, signed.

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at Immigration Division 1, Chaengwattana, 'it used to be' the officer checked all documents, stamped and signed; then we took the documents to the 'back office' and another officer ( senior ) checked the document again and we paid B1,900 to that officer.


this morning, after the front officer checked the document, stamped and signed, we paid B1,900 to the front officer; then she asked us waiting at the seating.  in 15 minutes, the student trainee called my name and the front officer asked us copying our stamped documents, 1 copy.  we came ack with the copy, then my passport returned.  ( I guess it is a kind of cost saving ? )


Hmmm . . . the front officer is actually dealing with different applicants at the same time: the couple sits in front of her, and she instructs other applicants on copying of documents, and she returns passports to other applicants.


while I was sitting in front of her, I saw my documents been mixed up with others.  luckily she managed everything in good order !

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