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Hua Hin: Foreigner crushed to death in bike accident

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Hua Hin: Foreigner crushed to death in bike accident 



Image: Sanook


Police were called to the area of Soi 78 on Petchkasem Road on Friday at 2pm after a foreigner came off a motorcycle and was crushed by a truck trailer. 


Sanook were extremely graphic in their report of the injuries sustained by Karl-Heinz Adami, 69.


His helmet was shattered and his false teeth were pictured on the road. 


He had suffered head trauma. 


His Honda Click was wedged under the back of a Ford Ranger pick-up.


One hundred meters down the road a Hino truck driven by Nattakrit, 46, was stopped. The driver said he had made a steel deliver to a building site by Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital and was going back. 


He felt something under his back wheels and stopped. He could not be sure what happened. 


Locals saw the victim riding in the left lane. 


Police are studying CCTV to determine what happened. 


The victim was taken to a hospital in Hua Hin for autopsy. 


Cleaners mopped up the road to ensure there would not be further accidents. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-23



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1 minute ago, thaiguzzi said:

First post in.

Quality contribution.....

As per usual here.

Hope his family don't get to read the above comment about a tragic accident.


RIP to the victim.

No disrespect. But it is funny they even need an autopsy unless they are looking for booze, heart attack, or something to pin it on the foreigner. 69 is a fairly good age to pass on. When it is your time, it is your time. Don't be so serious.

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20 minutes ago, SammyT said:

That's exactly what they'll be looking for - booze, drugs, medical event etc.


Nice to see you think you know more than medical experts though. 

Yep. Smartest statement I've heard today!

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3 hours ago, sirocco said:

POST 1, 


Before laughing out loud, the autopsy is mandatory for a violent death.
Perhaps the poor stranger was under tranquilizer, or on an existing one.
The investigation can be decisive for the responsibility.
Tragic death, whatever it soit.Paix him.

sure it's the poor stranger fault, he was sleeping while driving.

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