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BANGKOK 22 March 2019 05:25

Procedure for employment with girlfriends sister in U.S

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My girlfriends sister is a U.S citizen and single mum who is about to open a business over there and would like us to work and help out with the child etc.


How easy is it likely to be for the both of us to get the required visas and work permits for this in the U.S?


Any idea if we should just go there on tourist visas first, or is it normal to get working visas and permits before we arrive?


Can you get this sort of info online or is a visit to the appropriate U.S consulate necessary?



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This would be tough. Her sister could apply for an immigrant visa, but she would second or third preference, so it could be years.

I would recommend you not apply for a tourist visa, enter the United States and then try any adjustment of status. That is frowned upon.


This would be the required reading for you;




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