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Traveling by ferry to Langkawi from Satun or Kuala Perlis

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I will traveling into Malaysia at the end of April and have a few questions: 


1) Has anyone had any experience taking the ferry from the Satun pier to Langkawi?


2) Any out-of-the-ordinary (if you can say that about TL immigration!) issues on either end with immigration officials/visa matters? 


3) Is there a safe place to park a car long-term (7-8 days) at the ferry pier going to Langkawi?


4) Has anyone had any experience taking the car ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi? 


5) Any recommendations for best/prettiest beaches for snorkeling and swimming on Langkawi?  

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In answer to your questions:


1) Yes. No problems at all. Turn up, park your vehicle, buy your ticket and go. Safe parking and friendly staff.


2) Again, no problems. Just remember to have a re-entry permit if on a Non Imm visa.


3) Yes, at the ferry port.


4) A few years ago since I have been that way. It is possible to take a car  to Langkawi by ferry but ..... when I tried to do it, they said it had to go on a different boat and that boat wouldn't be going until the following day. In the end, we took the regular passenger ferry and left the car in Kuala Perlis. Having been to Langkawi quite a few times, I'd suggest taking the passenger boat and renting a vehicle once on the island.


5) Puloo Payer or however you spell it is very popular.





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Ive made that run a couple of times (from lipe') it was easy and smooth both ways.

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