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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 06:56

How good is Wang Klai Kangwon school?

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We live in Cha Am. My daughter, who is bilingual in Thai and English and currently attends a junior school just up the road from our home, is hoping to get into a prestigious Petchaburi secondary school with an English programme which has been highly recommended to us. However, if she is unsuccesful, her mother favours, as a second choice, Wag Klai Kangwon school in Hua Hin. I gather her preference is based on the opinion of a member of the teaching staff of the Cha Am school my daughter currently attends - which I must confess is not necessarily my idea of an informed choice.


Looking at the Hua Hin school'ss website, apart from any other consideration I am concerned that it is in Thai only and the information given cannot be translated into English. Is there anybody out there who can give me some insight into the quality of this school in terms of helping my daughter access one of the top government universities, which is our aim? Does Wang Klai Kangwon have a dedicated English program or not? What of the facilities and teachers, and what kind of costs are we looking at per term? Any insights would be much appreciated.

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