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What's the air quality like in Chiang Rai?

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11 hours ago, damascase said:

December hasn’t even started and air quality is deteriorating already. Riding around CR I see - and smell - a lot of burning. The smell is quite strong already. I hope it doesn’t mean that March/April 2020 will be as bad as they were this year, or I might be forced to leave for health reasons.......

Waking up on December 1st, opening my doors and the smell of smoke comes in immediately. This is in the city of CR. These months are supposed to be the best, air quality-wise, but not this year, I’m afraid.........

See the numbers, 07am:


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I think you had a better room in November.

Yes I too have had some different health issues  this year and it is affecting me far more this year that other before. But I have to agree with VF it is an unusually bad year with all the local mount

To be really really honest, it isn't. Only in the rainy season is the air clean in CR. Too many farmers and villagers burn fields and rubbish and plastic waste everyday.    Moving my family

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