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Frenchwoman deported for vaping

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45 minutes ago, tifino said:

...they know nothing zbout her 8000€ problems... well it was nothing to do with them, that she probably had to purchase new tickets, assuming her airline ticketing  agreement has no date chsnges no transfers... 

 Not their problem.

8000 Euros would have to be an embellished figure. 1000 Euros for a one way flight to France, maybe another thousand for a lawyer, and then who knows where the other 6000 went?


Agree with the above sentiments of the thread though, there are way worse/more dangerous behaviours they could crack down on. People who vape generally look stupid blowing out a cloud of smoke that a Bangkok bus would be proud of. That's punishment in itself.

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If you didn't read the full, linked article, do so.  It's a winner.  :blink:


Anybody know what the charge is, specifically?  The cops charged and the court convicted her.   Tax evasion? 

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13 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

Their official position is as follows:



When asked about Cornu’s case, he replied, “I don’t know about Ms Cecilia’s complaint. It is not an important issue.”

It's true though. Rightly or wrongly, if she's deported as a result of her arrest, it is not the concern of Thailand how much the incident costs her. Same as when people get deported from other countries - the government doesn't care what their flight home and alternative arrangements cost. 


The only reason they should (officially) care is if some of that money was given/taken as a bribe. 

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