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World Professional Golfers Showcase Silk Collection Promote Thai Aesthetics in Honda LPGA Thailand 2019 “PHOTOCALL”

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World Professional Golfers Showcase Silk Collection Promote Thai Aesthetics in Honda LPGA Thailand 2019 “PHOTOCALL” 




“PHOTOCALL” session at Dusit Thani Pattaya, Chonburi. The “PHOTOCALL” activity was held to promote Thai culture and aesthetics, especially Thai silk costumes which can be used in daily life, both  formal and informal use, to audiences around the globe.


Thai silk fabric has a storied tradition and history that goes back thousands of years. There are many kinds of raw materials, patterns, spinning and weaving process different in each region. Styles include Plain Silk, Pa Mhai Yok, Pa Mhai Jok, Pa Mhai Prae Wa, Pa Mhai MudMee, and many more…


With various patterns characteristics and outstanding qualities of glossy, soft, and delicate textures that keep the wearer warm in wintertime, yet a good ventilation that suits hot weather, Thai silks are used by famous designers for producing their collections, accepted by many celebrity fashionistas and increasingly appearing on the world fashion scene. Thai silk has been applied to promote the culture and local intellect of the country in international events. It is to show Thai silk fabric can be tailored in a modern and elegant form, encouraging young generation people to wear Thai silk in formal and informal occasions, or use as a unique piece that can be adapted to whichever lifestyle.


One of recent international events in Thailand that has gathered world-famous guests is Honda LPGA Thailand 2019, which takes place 21 - 24 February 2019 at the Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course. The organizer took the opportunity to arrange a “PHOTOCALL” as a part of Honda LPGA Thailand Welcome Reception Night, inviting professional lady golfers to dress up in Thai silk collection by “PASSA Silkwear” for photo shootings. The activity displayed the aesthetics of Thai traditional silk heritage to audiences in other countries around the world.


Honda LPGA Thailand 2019 players who joined the “PHOTOCALL” at Dusit Thani Pattaya, Chonburi were In Gee Chun from Republic of Korea, Pannarat “Saipan” Thanapolboonyaras from Thailand, Suzuka Yamaguchi from Japan, Georgia Hall from UK, Muni He from China and Paula Creamer from The United State. The show took place with an authentic woods in “Pakon Wall” style backdrop, decorated with a spinning wheel and Thai wood bench to reflect Thai traditional ambience.


For more details about Honda LPGA Thailand 2019, please visit www.hondalpgathailand.com or www.facebook.com/lpgaThailand. Find out more about the PASSA Silkwear collection at http://www.passasilkwear.com.      

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