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Two week wait for tourist & non-immigrant visa appointments at Thai Embassy in Vientiane

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Two week wait for tourist & non-immigrant visa appointments at Thai Embassy in Vientiane


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Anyone who was planning to visit the Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane to apply for a tourist or non-immigrant visa should be aware that there are no appointments available for at least two weeks. 


Since 1st February 2019, foreigners who need to a apply for either a tourist, non-immigrant or transit visa first need to schedule an online appointment before submitting the visa application in person at the Embassy.


Appointments are scheduled via the new online booking platform at: https://thaivisavientiane.com/


However, according to the online booking system the are no appointments available for either tourist visas or non-immigrant visas until 20th March 2019.


Screenshot 2562-03-02 at 15.56.05.png


This effectively rules out Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane for anyone who urgently needs to apply for any of the aforementioned visas.


In January it was announced that the online application system needed to be implemented to help Embassy staff deal with the large amounts of visa applications that were being made at the Royal Thai Embassy Vientiane.


“The number of visa applicants at the the Royal Thai Embassy, Vientiane has increased significantly in the past years”, the Embassy said on its website.


“Due to a limited number of officers, the Embassy needs to implement the Visa Application Appointment System in order to maintain service quality with an aim to reduce waiting time of applicants while increasing,” it added.


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-03-03

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The cynic in me thinks that, should the price be right, an 'opening' will magically appear.        

By introducing a 2 week one?   

The people that it will most likely impact are actually the real tourists who assume that like many embassies, you would just go there and get a visa without having to book 2 weeks in advance...  the

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3 hours ago, mstevens said:

Wow, this is going to cause a lot of worry and anxiety for many, and it must play havoc with the visa run companies. I wonder if other embassies and consulates in the region will see an increase in visa applicants in what could be a spillover from people who would have otherwise used Vientiane?

I suspect the visa run companies can pay for overtime for some of the officers needed...  so they likely are still getting service.

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1 hour ago, BestB said:

According to some posts on Facebook , people try to make money out of it by booking out slots and then selling it.


appearantly embassy is aware and changing the booking process where each appointment will have your personal data and giving it to someone also would not be possible.


from memory change will go into effect from 24 March 

Yes, all they need to do is save the name, passport number and nationality of passport then print a sign-in sheet at the front gate.

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