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Extension of stay by reason of marriage

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Did today my first extension by reason of marriage at a Divison 4 immigration outlet following my second 90-day stay within a Multiple Non-O-Visa.

They stamped me a consideration date May 2, 2019 and told my wife (an officer by the way) that they need 3 witnesses at the time they do that home interview in about 2-3 weeks.

I thought consideration period would be 30 days and 2 witnesses requested. How come?

There is no problem regarding witnesses, but is there a possibility to shorten that consideration period for travel planned outside the country?

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You still got a 30 day under consideration period but they started it at the end of your current permit to stay date. That is how all the offices here in the North East do them.

The number of witnesses you may need varies from office to office. Some do not want any witnesses. 

You get a re-entry permit for a the under consideration period if you want to travel that will be valid for entry up to the report back date.

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