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Expats in Thailand considering moving to Latin America prompted by Thai visa changes

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As said as is the case globally and particularly now in Latin America, the Covid-19 situation is going to be a dominant concern for expats and potential expats going forward for months or years depending on your own predictions.


So what are travel vloggers and expatriation vloggers supposed to talk about now? Well, you guessed.


This video is mostly specific to a very unusual area of Mexico, famous as a gringo retired expat center. But it's in the context of Mexico now, a country with a populist leader that has been in denial about the virus, opening up somewhat now in the context of rapidly rising cases.


Yes, Thailand is definitely better off than that now as far as the virus anyway.


For those looking forward to when things get back to some kind of new normal, a subtext of this video is that real estate deals are probably going to be available. You know, desperate sellers, weak currencies, etc. More of interest to buyers than renters.



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