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Expats in Thailand considering moving to Latin America prompted by Thai visa changes

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12 minutes ago, RotBenz8888 said:


You're right, tourist areas are always worse, just like here in Thailand. And i traveled solo, it's obviously safer to stay in a group.


Btw, nice pictures!





Not my pictures. Pulled them off the Innernet as have none on this laptop. Though I think mine are even more impressive. Though to be fair my girlfriend takes them all....thousands of 'em. 

Was just me, my girl and her camera and iPad. 🙂

We needed the iPad at the time to access the App for the bikes. Was a bit annoying to carry around at the time.

Once I was standing alone in Flamengo Park with the iPad waiting for girlfriend to turn up and someone came along and asked for money. If I didn't have the iPad in my hand I might have offered something. But didn't want to tempt fate by having him try to grab it, so just said no and off he went.

In general I gave generously, as many have nothing and I have, relatively, a lot.


If I saw a bunch of 'street children' hanging around Botafogo shoppers with their shoe shine box, I would give them 20 Reals just to keep them out of trouble and tell them to buy food for the whole group, which they did.

Then they scampered off into the distance.


Anyway, let's not ruin the man's thread with our reminiscing. 😉


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What some 60 years old 2 times divorced woman from Sheffield not good enough for you? 🤣 We all know why we are in Asia. The culture. 

there is zero chance of me riding my motorcycle ALONE all over anywhere south of the USA border.   Travel Thailand alone no problems anywhere. 32,000 kilometers worth of motorcycle road trip

I stayed in Rio 2 months and got robbed at knife point twice, in broad daylight. Not to mention all those times i managed to escape. Been in Bangkok 15 years, so far no such incident. I love Rio, wond

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13 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Well, in Rio I got mugged in daylight on a very non-touristy street downtown that I accidentally walked into. I stayed in Copa and didn't have a problem even late at night. Go figure. 

Thailand is absolutely not a safe place, in many aspects. But i think one has to be very unlucky to get mugged in daylight. The Latinos on the other hand, are not shy.

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3 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

Getting an O-A visa for Thailand works out to $100 dollars a year.  What Latin American countries are lower than that?

Interesting point.


The discussion right now is mainly centered around comparison of Thailand and Latin American countries.


Does anybody really know whether visa (and the other 'administrative items' not yet really being mentioned here) for South American countries compared to Thailand are the same level of complexity / work / cost / tea money ?  



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13 minutes ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

Downtown Rio is bad even during daylight, as you know, plenty of street kids coming down from the favelas to rob tourists/locals, police are well aware but outnumbered.


Many YouTube videos showing this blatant and opportunist type of assault.



I was walking on a crowded street during daylight, suddenly 3 BIG black guys approached me, one took stranglehold on me, another held a knife, and the third went through my pockets. They got my money and keys to my apartment and went away. But one of them suddenly turned back and returned my keys...what a gentleman. Anyway, just happy i didn't get that knife in my belly.

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54 minutes ago, CMNightRider said:

"$100 dollars a year??"  Mr. Big Joke changed the relative ease of obtaining retirement visas for Thailand forever.  None of the other countries being considered on this site as alternatives to living in Thailand, have the ridiculous financial requirements, 90 day reporting, and form after form to submit when you leave, return, move, or have a bowel movement.  


I'm sure Mr. Joke is just following orders but it has become crystal clear to me, westerners are no longer wanted as long term residents in Thailand.  There are some excellent choices being mentioned on this blog and good for "Jingthing" for getting it started. 🙂   

Go home and get an O-A visa for a cost of I believe around $100 per year as the visa is good for two years.  I don't believe there are any in South America which offer the same cost per advantage.  90 day reporting I havn't done in 20 years.  Why would you?  Mail it or do it online or have someone do it for you.  Medical care is important to me and the good private hospital here direct bills my insurance company for services like a heart stent. For Americans I would wonder at the benefit of Mexico, Columbia and Panama vs South Florida or South Texas.  I've lived in both places and could do so again with free health care.

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1 minute ago, KneeDeep said:


Sorry, but my comment remains the same.  Your comments are actually a bit pathetic and Russophobic. It doesn't clarify anything. 

What exactly is your point? Limassol doesn't represent the whole of Cyprus and you probably wouldn't want to stay there anyway.


So I repeat, visit before posting such nonsense. 


It's not unlike someone who have never been to Pattaya, commenting about things that they have read as if it is the whole picture, but in actuality they know nothing.


What exactly would Jingthing have to fear from the Russians in Limassol? Ridiculous! There are many Chinese who have bought into the scheme too. What would you like to say about them?



I am ambivalent. I live in Thailand with no plans to move, though if I did I would consider locations in Europe rather than the Americas. 

The TV piece I watched did say a criminal element was involved in the purchase of land and the construction of properties.

I am not anti-Russian or anti-Chinese. I am anti-criminal, whatever nationality.

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4 minutes ago, champers said:

I am ambivalent. I live in Thailand with no plans to move, though if I did I would consider locations in Europe rather than the Americas. 

The TV piece I watched did say a criminal element was involved in the purchase of land and the construction of properties.

I am not anti-Russian or anti-Chinese. I am anti-criminal, whatever nationality.


So there are no criminals in Thailand??

Seriously, just don't go to Limassol if you are allergic to Russians. But honestly, no one will bother you.

Russians don't like it in Russia either.


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Jingthing might have to strike Cyprus from his list. On a recent TV news item, I learned that Cyprus is now home to many Russians and not like those we may encounter in Thailand. They have mafia links and are becoming a concern to other EU members as they are free to roam at will. Cyprus has made a lot of money from the sale of their visas.
Portugal would be my pick.
Please limit the discussion here to Latin American nations and comparisons to Thailand as well when relevant. Also Thailand related issues with migration to Latin America namely getting acceptable police reports which will sometimes vary based on the specific target nation.

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