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Warning for those seeking pot amnesty

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Warning for those seeking pot amnesty




FIle photo // AFP PHOTO


PATIENTS must produce an official medical certificate that specifies their symptoms when seeking an amnesty for the possession of marijuana.


The amnesty is being offered as part of Thailand’s legalisation of marijuana, which is said to have medical benefits. 


To claim amnesty, current users and possessors of marijuana must properly submit a request by May 19. 


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday urged amnesty seekers to prepare all necessary documents when making their submissions, after many patients turned up with incomplete papers.


 “The medical certificate, for example, must also carry the number of the medical practitioner’s licence,” said FDA secretary-general Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong.


He said amnesty seekers should also make sure that they go to the right unit. 


“For those living in Bangkok, they must contact the One-Stop Service Centre at FDA headquarters,” he added, “For those living in the provinces, they must contact the provincial public health office in their areas.” 


Amnesty for marijuana possession and usage also applies to non-patients, but those who seek permission and are neither patients nor part of research units will have to surrender their marijuana at the time of their application.


Requests for amnesty were first filed on February 27.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30365185



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-03-05
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There maybe a surge in withdrawing vapers applications any day now 🤔

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25 minutes ago, SS1 said:

I don't quite understand this. If you apply for amnesty, why do you have to 'surrender' your weed? I mean doesn't this beat the whole purpose of applying for it in the first place? 


I assumed what it meant was that you go there and declare your purpose of using cannabis for a medical condition, and after get a certificate of amnesty offered that you can show to the cops if getting caught with small amounts of weed. But I guess this is not the case? 

1. Looks good for crime statistics.

2. Can be rebirthed.



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