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BANGKOK 20 April 2019 05:39

Condo landlord says he can't return my deposit on time.

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12 hours ago, Ctkong said:

Rental deposit is not much. A couple of months rental at most. I believe the owner is overseas and making a transfer when overseas is a headache. It is a different matter if he is in country  where transfer can be made in minutes.

The rental deposit in even a half-way decent condo could easily exceed 50,000B or more. That is not peanuts.


Anyone renting out property here should have a Thai bank account, and it is possible with nearly all of them to easily arrange transfers to other Thai bank accounts from anywhere in the world using online banking or a smartphone app. I can certainly do it with all my Thai bank accounts.


As I mentioned, the guy had two years to prepare for this so there is no excuse.

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6 hours ago, RJRS1301 said:

Government should set up rental bond board to hold and distribute bonds to renters or landlords at end of lease.

interest on funds held offsets cost of administration.

stops shonky dealings of landlords holding bond monetise and not returning it.

Great idea in Thailand . Who ever would be in charge of it will be driving Ferrari in no time 😉

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Do it like most others, use the deposit in lieu of the last month(s) rent and settle the scores once you're out and both the landlord and the tenant have time to clear matters.

I lost my deposit only once as "no have money and no have new tenant" back in the 80s - I learnt my lesson. Ever since I used up my deposit - not quite legal - but until the cogwheels are turning the contract is over and you've settled the scores - fair and amicable. I was taught this by Thai landlords - and learnt my lesson! 

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