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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 15:43

Thailand faces two booze free weekends as election looms

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Thailand faces two booze free weekends as election looms




The Election Commission has confirmed that there will be a 24 hour alcohol ban in the weekend BEFORE the upcoming general election. 


Sunday 17th March will feature  a day of pre-voting.


Alcohol sales and distribution is forbidden from 6pm on Saturday 16th until 6pm on Sunday 17th. 


Thaivisa notes that with another ban expected on the weekend of 23rd and 24th March this will mean two weekends in a row will be affected by the election. 


The election proper takes place on Sunday 24th March.


Pol Col Jarungwit Phumma, secretary of the EC confirmed the ban on 16th and 17th. 


He said that weddings and parties could still be organised at this time but there must be no alcohol.


Prospective candidates are forbidden from going onstage, too, he said. 


No election related polls are permitted in the seven day run-up to the election.


He said that the EC had received 43 complaints via their 1444 hotline and "Pineapple Eye" app with 11 of these related to alleged corruption and the rest being other irregularities. 


All these are currently being processed and investigated. 


Source: Thai Rath



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-03-05


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9 minutes ago, ThomasThBKK said:

Great advertisement to vote for them.... Not. 


🤔 I bet there's no other country that ever had to ban booze because of voting. I feel like i am in some weird movie here... 

Cambodia has a booze ban for elections too. 

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10 minutes ago, darksidedog said:

If I was voting, I wouldn't be overly happy with the killjoy party, that stops the party.

Additionally, I would have thought there was a better chance of the election being rigged, without people noticing, if they had had a few drinks.

The amount of alchohol free days in a year here is already pretty crazy.

Do not worry locals make up for it on all other days😂

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