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Just got a visa


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That’s the link I’ve been using for Cambodian visas.


Boy, are they speedy.  Last night at 6:15 pm I started my application, uploaded passport photo and main passport page jpgs, filled in the usual name-address-email-phone-contact, arrival date, ‘Phnom Penh Hotel’ for hotel, went on to pay with credit card - $36 US ($30 plus $6 for something), requested, received on my phone, and entered OPT code. That was it. I had forgotten to also get one for my wife, so I went through the same procedures for her. She is a Thai national and a message popped up saying she did not need a visa for a visit of two weeks or less, but since we will go for a bit over three weeks and overstays are $10 per day, I think, and lotsa hassle, I know, I went for the visa. A Cambodian official once told me typical ASEAN rules don’t apply because Thailand started the two week only visa free limit first.


Anyway, I got email confirmation of the visa applications within minutes and then emails with Visas PDFs (you must print out and take two copies) at 7:40 this morning.


A real benefit to their e-visa is being able to avoid all the touts and lineups, heading directly to the immigration officer at the turnstile. Very small stamp too. A Thai companion might have to do electronic finger printing.

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It was always pretty quick but has indeed speeded up now, I also got it last 2 times within hours.


The other advantage to this is it saves a full page in your passport.


Biggest disadvantages: (1) cannot be used at all border crossings and (2) can only get a tourist visa, nto ordinary visa.

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