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BANGKOK 17 July 2019 17:49

Sabai Breuh!

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I know this term "Sabai breuh!" is the equivalent to basically Super Sabai!

And in my twenty years of living here have never heard any other equivalent use of the term "Breuh".
Anyone have other instances or use of this word?

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no, but the phrase is usually accompanied by 'Sadue Boh' (empty navel)  - Sabai Breuh Sadue Boh สบายบรื๋อ สะดือโบ๋ which is nonsense aliteration/rhyming 


Also I don't think anyone is still using the phrase... seems outdated 


Brueh บรื๋อ by itself is used to indicate that the speaker is cold, shivering บรื๋อ หนาวจังเลย

or onomatopoeia sound for motorboat เรือแล่นบรื๋อ 

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