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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 07:39

Help in Thai Music song

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Hello everyone!


This is a post to all you Thai Music lovers out there; I need your help.

So story time! In december 2016 I went on holiday to Thailand, Phuket. Now one day, I was was down this little market when I heard a radio playing this Thai song and I instantly fell in love with it. Not knowing the language too well, I shazamed it with my phone and listened to this song for days. Long story short, I lost this song and have found no way of finding it back. I have tried searching hours for it on Youtube and it cannot been seen in my Shazam history anymore due to it's history being deleted.


Now I ask those of you who are familiar with (popular) Thai music what the name of this song is. From what I can remember, the cover of the song was a painting/picture of a single tree with a purple-ish background-very dreamy. I believe the song was more of a happy/pop-y ballad sung by a man. This song was played in december of 2016 on the radio so I am not sure how popular it is nowadays.


I know It is probably near impossible to find the name of the song at this point, but I just know someone out there just happens to know exactly what song I am talking about by reading my (yes quite a bit vague) description.


Thanks for reading! 

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Maybe this?


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