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Video: Popular British YouTuber in Thailand diagnosed with cancer but has no insurance

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Video: Popular British YouTuber in Thailand diagnosed with cancer but has no insurance




"Get insurance before 60 - I thought I was invincible" says Pattaya's "Kev in Thailand"


A Pattaya expat who is suffering from cancer of the throat has gone on YouTube to warn expats in Thailand to get health insurance.


Kevin Burt didn't bother to get medical insurance saying he "thought he was invincible" until he was 60.


He is 58 and claims on his "Kev in Thailand" video that he planned to get insurance on his 60th birthday.


Now another expat has gone on Bangkok Expats to start a Go Fund Me appeal for the stricken Brit.


The Brit - from Waltham Abbey on the outskirts of North London and who is known for thick cockney accent  - intimates that he is able to pay for his million baht initial treatment but admits that "it will put a bit of a hole in the tank".



The video starts with a jingle refrain of "Living a Pattaya Wonderland".


It continues with a tour of a Pattaya hospital room when Mr Burt is in for chemotherapy costing 130,000 baht for each of three sessions.


He describes his room as both nice and not so nice.


He says he is in for "three nights" at a time and also has to go to Bangkok for radiotherapy.


He admits to being 59 then adds:


"I wanted to start health insurance at 60. I saw no reason to start before.


"I worked it all out mathematically", he added saying he was bad at maths.


"I thought I was invincible until I was 60. It's not worked out".


Mr Burt is upbeat even making jokes about being a biohazard and having a camera in both his ends creating a "spit roast".



EXCLUSIVE - A photo of Kev in hospital on Monday


But he warns other expats, especially those younger than himself to take out insurance.


He said he "took me chance" (took a chance) but added:


"I don't know how sick I am gonna be".


Mr Burt was also concerned by disruption to his popular YouTube channel.


Kev, who takes full responsibility for his decision not to have health insurance, said in his vlog: "get insurance, don't be an idiot like Kev in Thailand".


Meanwhile, Kev's plight was shared on the popular Bangkok Expats Facebook group.


There, Facebook user Ken Jman shared details of a Go Fund Me appeal where people can donate towards Kev's medical bills.


"All funds raised will go towards medical bills and recovery with hopes that we if raise enough maybe we can get him a hotel in Bangkok so he won't have to travel daily for the four weeks this coming month", the appeal said.


The Go Fund Me page can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/help-kev-in-thailand-beat-cancer 




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-03-11
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20 minutes ago, Khaeng Mak said:

I hope the chemo helps him with his accent.

It's Put On Though,In'it Mate...

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