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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 23:08

Pattaya YouTuber with cancer: Thanks Go Fund Me appeals, says he's cutting down cigarettes and putting off marriage

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Pattaya YouTuber with cancer: Thanks Go Fund Me appeals, says he's cutting down cigarettes and putting off marriage




The Pattaya based expat who warned people to take out travel insurance has thanked two separate people for starting Go Fund Me appeals for his treatment.


The appeals were made even though Kevin Burt has money from a business he sold in the UK and has "properties in Spain".


He has also told Thaivisa in an exclusive interview from his Pattaya hospital bed that he intends to cut out cigarettes "by a further 50%."


Now the bad news also looks to have put a damper on Mr Burt's plans to marry a Thai woman in October.


Mr Burt - who has 30,000 subscribers on his "Kev-In-Thailand" YouTube channel - was diagnosed with esophagus cancer.


He said it was not smoking related.


The initial treatment is set to cost him at least 1 million baht. He has the money to pay but two Go Fund Me appeals were stated in his name.


He said on his video that he felt invincible at 59 and took his chance without insurance that he planned to start next year.


He warned younger expats to take out insurance.


He said:


"I have been on chemotherapy since Saturday and feeling fine no side effects".


Regarding a Go Fund Me started on Bangkok Expats group on Facebook he said:


"I didn't know about that, there was one started by a good friend in Kamala for me also this morning. I thank them very much indeed.


"Up to this point i have never had even a one night stay in a hospital.


"I had planned for health insurance to start on my 60th birthday next year, I just felt that was the better option until now of course".


Mr Burt was brought up in Hackney in London and in more recent years moved to Waltham Abbey on the northern outskirts of London before coming to Thailand four years ago.


He said that he has money to pay for his care and that his YouTube channel is not very lucrative.


"YouTube barely covers costs. It's not a living it's more a hobby that keeps me from going insane.


"I sold my small business in the UK and am waiting on selling properties in Spain".


Asked if he smokes Mr Burt said:


"I have cut down 50% since the diagnosis and in 2 weeks I shall cut down another 50%. I want to pack up but it's going to be a weaning off rather then just stop.


"This cancer is not smoking related".


He said that he had not smoked since being hospitalized in Pattaya where he is undergoing chemotherapy.


But then he admitted to having one "outside....my first in over two days!"


Asked whether he has any Thai family he said:


"I have a Thai partner and was getting married in October - maybe put on hold for now."  


Well wishers from the expat community commented in droves on Mr Burt's YouTube channel.


His parting shot to Thaivisa:


"I am always positive 100%".



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-03-11

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5 hours ago, Greenriver said:

Be carefully. Kevin Is a constantly E-beggar who goes from girl to another girl and from beer to beer. I dont think the GoFundMe money will go for threatment, but for fun in bars i Bangkok and to barfines.



He choose not to have insurance. He also choose a private hospital instead of a public hospital. Why is He so much better that ordinary thais?


A friend og me got cancer in Bangkok and went to a public hospital. He has carachter and honor and paid 30 000 B for his own money. No begging.


Kevin really  dont know how poor thai-people really have it.

He is a rich man Who recently sold his house in Spain, He has nice car, and alot of money in bank.


I will also say that the bloke Who creted the GoFundMe account is Worse. He is e-beggar number one and use all his time to chase hookers in Phuket.


These vloggs beggers on YouTube is Worse then cancer. No respect.

Lol, is that you Greg?

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