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Huawei Honor Play? any honest review? (Kirin vs Snapdragon)

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Anyone with Huawei Honor Play here? what are your thoughts of this middle-budget "gaming" smartphone? (Alternatively i'm thinking of Huawei Nova 3i but i remember the processor was Kirin 710 or something?)


Does it overheat easily (intense gaming or photoshot)?

Does it lag when playing Asphalt or any heavy games?

Does it come with tons of bloatwares that user cant unninstall?

How long does the battery last from 100% down to 10%? (normal daily usage, mobile data ON at all times or wifi ON at all day, maybe kid uses for youtube or gaming)

Does the screen crack when fall from sitting position? (I know Xiaomi phones are extremely fragile when fall and screen hits the ground)

How accurate this phone's GPS positioning to travel all over Thailand?

and lastly, How good is the camera?


PS. Between Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Snapdragon 845) vs Huawei Honor Play (price-wise are almost the same, maybe couple hundred baht different), which one would you rather purchase?


For comparison, i have xiaomi phone with Snapdragon 660 but never own Kirin processor. I had Exynoss Samsung Note or A/J series, Mediatek Vivo, Intel Asus older phones but they were dissapointment (overheating, super laggy even with 4GB RAM, battery drained faster than expected), not even close to Snapdragon 660 which i believe mid-range cpu from such low budget Xiaomi phone.


However, i'm curious about Kirin 970 inside Honor Play (cant afford Kirin 980 as it is still too expensive) and is this Kirin 970 packs the same punch as Snapdragon 660/675 or Snapdragon 820/830/835?


Do tell your opinion.


Thank you.



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Kirin 970 is a decent cpu (



I would say it is almost as good but it's not As  fast as the snapdragon 845 and gpu in the pocofone although you would probably only notice that in benchmarks


The others are not as quick as those two but snapdragon 835 is still "respectable"  compared to the others





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