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BANGKOK 22 April 2019 03:50

American tourist attacked by armed gang after stopping robbery on Koh Phi Phi

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On 3/14/2019 at 8:09 AM, Emdog said:

I am skeptical the incident took place... doesn't pass the sniff test. Injuries real, perhaps a bike crash. Was he being sarcastic regarding "super helpful" policeman? Dude would be covered in blood, assume some emotional state & cop says "drop by tomorrow"? What about the swimming girl? No further mention of her...

I'm American, and we do have our share of odd balls, but the tone of the story & ending seems like just another tall tale from Thailand to wow his readers.

Maybe later I'll meet up with all the special forces retirees that seem to populate Pattaya and get their opinions

He wouldnt necessarly be covered in blood. I also got jumped by around 10 locals a few years back during a birthday night while everyone was drunk after my ex at that time was shouting at me and told his friends to beat me up. I got a table thrown on my back (not a big one though, thanks god), some beers bottles, kicks, and alot of random thai shouting and i had nothing really beside a very sore body the next day. As long as youre aware of whats going on and have a good view (in my case i was looking in between my fingers while covering my face) and know whats being thrown at you, you can adjust your body in a position to minimize impact/damage (obviously, easier said than done). 

I guess my point is getting jumped doesnt results in ending up in a pool of blood necessarly. 

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Good point about amount of blood. I am a bit less skeptical now the cops have rounded up a couple of guys.

I had the crap beaten out of me by a gang in the 60's. I curled up in a ball (having seen some bit on training for civil rights workers) and basically waited for the gang to get bored and/or tired... not lots of blood, mostly bruises, black eye

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On 3/14/2019 at 5:24 PM, Elkski said:

100%  sure it's sarcasm.  I don't use 110% because that's not possible.

If you are serious and have any  doubt,  is English your native language?  


I think I would be in trouble with three guys my size with sticks and a kayak paddle. If no one's been to Koh phi phi  it's a island with living housing area about the size of 8 rugby fields. So you would think if you found a motorcycle cop and were bleeding and looked injured and you had a woman at your side to verify things you would think policeman would try to help you right then. 

"Is English your native language?" Is "American" yours? When native ENGLISH  speakers express themselves the way I did, ("Maybe a touch of sarcasm?") i.e. with a question mark after the comment, it implies that I believe that the sarcasm was indeed 100% intended!  


Taken in the context of the original post, readers may have thought that he was being serious, as what he said  was a "stand alone" comment :-


"He said he reported the incident to the police, who Mr Trimble described as being “super helpful”.


Have a nice day!



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22 hours ago, Skallywag said:

Interesting statistics to consider, went to Wikipedia to check out other countries. Most from 2016.  These are "intentional homicides" , so assume that leaves out automobile accidents and such.


U.S. has 5.35 homicides per 100,000 people, I am statistically safer here.

Wikipedia says Thailand is only 3.24, not 4.4-5.8

World average is 6.2 homicides per 100,000

For those considering a move to the Philippines, very high at 11.2 homicides per 100,000

Central and South America have some of the highest rates up into the mid 20's



oh i guess wikipedia is better than bangkokpost or other articles

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On ‎3‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 5:21 PM, BB1958 said:

This is wrong on every level, posting it here on TV will not get the word out. Stephen, you seem like an articulate man, perhaps sending a copy of your report to USA and EU newspapers, may get better results.


Your case  Stephen is minor compared with this case


Don't give this bubala any ideas. Soon his wealthy mom and dad will send  American Democracy  style(see Iraq) to Thailand. Or some American Femi Nazi group complaining about violation of human rights will be camping day and night in that island. And then….bye bye cheap sex.


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