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BANGKOK 25 March 2019 15:31

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Can people from UK buy Z Cash outside the UK ? Question not really about how good or bad Z Cash is... I just read UK residents and New York residents are banned from buying it and not sure if that applies if you are only in UK.

I'm not sure if that extends to UK people outside UK. I just don't want to fall foul of any laws later.

Also, I see sometimes people get their crypto conversion to cash in Thailand locked under AML...is there a threshold that triggers that..like 300,000 dumped in bank etc...if there are any private trader limits, is it per transaction... or per year ?I read something the other day about no limits for high net worth individuals but some kind of limits on 'retail investors if you are in Thailand.

Yes, we can circumvent this or that with all the options on the web, but I'm just looking at how things are 'straight down the line' without convulted ways to cash out via meeting people and all the rest of that.


Have a bit of spare cash looking to catch someting at its lower levels...(which could turn out to be zero finally...haha)



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