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BANGKOK 25 March 2019 14:32

Should I go to the Labor Department???

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On 3/16/2019 at 8:46 AM, puukao said:

Here's how it worked last time... "you don't work as much, is 30000 ok instead of 40000?"  I said, "ok">  This was last year for one month.  can i ask the labor department for the 10,000?  

What do think? You agreed to it I’d say not going to happen. 


On 3/15/2019 at 7:03 PM, puukao said:

I'm not comfortable working for 20,000....but I'm not sure what will happen if I go to the Labor Department.  

Is summer camp in contract? If so you should be able to get 40,000. But you’ll probably face a one (month) and done. 


You need to make sure the contract addresses the issues and covered in contract. 


Be careful how you handle the situation calm and collective.

if a break away is inevitable are it clean and peaceful. If dont

and you need to use the school as a reference...


just keep it positive and not slap them around..



Good Luck... post how it turns out 

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Contract isn't that long.  Says nothing about minimum hours.  They are paying other teachers who are on holiday, and want to give me a new contract.  But I'm not doing that....


I started working summer camp.  Pay is at the end of the month.  I have a feeling they might try to only pay me 10,000 for 1/2 of summer camp, instead of 40,000 on the contract.  I have to wait until the 3rd, and then I can complain.  


Why did I take time off after 1.5 years?  I needed a break, but I told them I would wait until they hired new teachers.  That took a long time.  I said, "cancel my contract?"  They said, "no."  It was my understanding because one of the teachers might leave and then I could easily fill in.  The other two still don't have a work permit, I do.  


My contract is up on April 30, and they need to give me a written warning and 30 days notice for termination (which will likely happen when I complain).


I might even wait until later in April to complain....  


I'm not worried about the 30 instead of 40 month, really.  


OK, so here is the possible outcomes for March and April.


1. Full-pay, plus 5000 end of contract payment.  85,000

2.  20,000 for summer camp, nothing at the end

3.  10,000 next week, then fired, then nothing

4.  something agreed upon, but I would rather just let the labor department deal with it.

5.  nothing and my new school (far away) hears about it.   I don't care, if my new school plays these games, same issues.  


Let's not forget:  If I'm treated horribly, I'll let them know this will become known throughout the city (definitely NOT by me, but everyone gossips) and every new farang teacher will hear the story.  If teachers know they can't trust their contract, they might just go somewhere else.  I will tell them with a smile, but they will understand.  secrets are impossible.  one teacher is working online and they are allowed after school, but I'm pretty sure my work permit doesn't allow me to do that....hmmmm


OK, so ....    can I get 85,000 easily?  not easily?  impossible?







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