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BANGKOK 18 March 2019 23:08

How do I submit my thai tax return online?

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So I have returned home back to my home country now before October 2018. I haven't lodged my thai tax return yet. I understand that even though I have quit that I still need to lodge my tax return.


The company told me I need to go to this website:



But it's all in Thai....


So maybe someone here can help/guide me. Do I need to lodge a PND 90/91 form?

When I try and lodge this form, it asks for some username and password which I do not know...


Then I try register and put in my thai tax identification number, passport number and then there is 3 buttons at the bottom which are in thai that I cannot translate on the web browser. There is no option to tell them my email or anything. If I click the first button or third button, a popup shows up with thai text that I cannot also translate and clicking ok just brings me back to the main webpage again.


Has any expat filled this in recently?


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There is an app on Google Play store from the thai revenue department. I didnt know about it and paid an accountant, but all my farang mates at work used it and said it takes 2 minutes. Called RD Smart Tax 

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