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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 07:27

Rithy Panh revisits the horrors of the Khmer Rouge

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Cambodian film-maker Rithy Panh talks about his latest film, Graves without a name, being shown in Geneva, which explores the lasting effects of the Cambodian genocide. 

His documentary is competing in the city's 17th International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights.

Many of the director’s 22 filmsexternal link have dealt directly with Cambodia’s genocide and its perpetrators, including The Missing Picture (2013), Exil (2016) and his latest, Graves with no name.


His new documentary focuses on a 13-year-old boy, representing Panh, who has lost most of his family in the genocide and begins a search for their graves. He travels to Trum, a “village in the middle of nowhere” in Battambang province. This is where Panh and ten of his family members were deported in 1975, along with many other Phnom Penh residents. In moving scenes, Panh, one of only two genocide survivors from his family, carries out funeral rites for his relatives who disappeared.


read more https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/culture/graves-without-a-name_rithy-panh-revisits-the-horrors-of-the-khmer-rouge/44827132


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"Lest we forget!"

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