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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 06:59

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Has anyone had any experience of getting an SETV in Korea? I'm currently on an Education visa (learning Muay Thai) which will come to an end on the 18th August this year. I'm planning on going back to the Uk in early October to consider my options, so need something to tide me over for two months and also would like to visit Seoul from a tourist point of view. So a few salient facts regarding previous stays:

Uk passport holder, age 48

METV (London):Nov 16-Jun 17

SETV (Yangon): Jun 17-Aug 17

SETV (HCMC):  Dec 17-Mar 18

ED Visa (London): Nov 18-Aug 19


Im well aware of the dangers of entering DM with my visa history, in fact I was stopped comming back from Yangon and questioned (but let in) after only 1 METV. Like I say I'm planning to be back in London in October 19, so will have an outward flight with me, as well as 20k.


Any advice will be gretaly apreciated

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