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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 06:55

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Friend of mine has filled in a visa application for his and printed off application/paid /appointment booked ,He has gone thru the print out and found that a phone number is wrong by one digit,He’s panicking thinking he has to cancel the application and redo correcting the error !,

Surely they can inform them at Trendy about the mistake and correct it at the appointment?



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I don't think they can.  What can VFS at Trendy Building do to rectify the error ?  The application is/was submitted electronically online, and the information cannot be amended once submitted.  You don't even have to take a copy of the application form to Trendy now, as it's all online.  At one time you could manually amend the paper form, but that doesn't work now that no paper copy is needed. 


That said, you have a couple of choices.  Submit a covering letter with the documents for the ECO, explaining the error. That should be good enough.   The other choice is to cancel, and do a new application, request a refund, and lose more than 20 GBP in exchange rate fees for the pleasure of doing so.

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