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BANGKOK 22 May 2019 06:16

For Thailand’s sake, let’s move beyond Thaksin

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

There are two indisputable facts about Thaksin Shinawatra. First, he was convicted of malfeasance while occupying the Prime Minister’s Office and sentenced to two years in jail by a democratic judicial system at a time when the country was under democratic rule. 


Second, he opted to flee punishment at a time when the country was under the democratic leadership of his own political allies. To those who are now arguing online as “defenders of democracy” that the March 24 election represents a prime chance to bring home a politically persecuted man, these two facts alone should be a command to silence.

And fact #3 is that most Thais ignore facts and logic. If people would look at facts and if they would make logical decisions based on facts then they wouldn't elect criminals and expect and honest government. But Thais again and again vote for the same criminals and somehow they "think" somehow things will improve. That won't happen. But how to explain that to buffaloes?

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