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Songkran carnage: Seven deadly days becomes 21 as 10% accident reduction targeted

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Last songkram was a sad time for me. I went to the farm as usual, on the last day, to feed my koi carp. I thought there was something wrong as soon as I went to pond 6. It was almost as though there were no fish in there. I threw in some food and watched. Gradually, the koi started to show. It was obvious something was amiss. They had been shocked*.


I lost about 20 big koi. All the big whites and a few all-red were missing. And my favourite; a gin rin yellow and black (about 75cm)


Carp are not one of the better tasting fish, so I think it must have been an act of lao khow spontainiosity. Sort of good idea at the time, while downing the local rice wine.


This year I'm gonna stay at the farm. I reckon they (whoever they are) will be back for some more fish this year.


* It actually took about a week for them to return to normal.

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Just report 10% less like you plan to do anyway and spare us the drivel. 

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47 minutes ago, Bluespunk said:

What is article 777?

Probably the daily figure of articles left ground into the road🤔   

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