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Thailand looks to India for new wave of high spending senior citizen tourists


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Thailand looks to India for new wave of high spending senior citizen tourists



Image: Reuters


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is targeting high spending senior citizens from India to make up the next wave of foreign tourists to visit Thailand.


This weekend the TAT held an event in New Delhi aimed at trying to tempt Indian retirees or those aged over 55 to visit Thailand on holiday.


During the ‘Amazing Thailand Golden Experience’ event, Thailand was promoted and showcased as an ideal destination for travelers who like to explore new destinations and enjoy memorable experiences, Indian news site The Pioneer reported.


The event detailed top attractions and activities that senior citizen travelers would enjoy, such as staying in boutique hotels, dining in Michelin Star restaurants, taking luxury cruises and relaxing at world class spas, as well as activities such as visiting a floating market, flower arranging and learning how to cook Thai food.


According to TAT New Delhi director Isra Stapanaseth, “Apart from the various attractions, warm Thai hospitality and welcoming nature of the Thai people is one of the main reasons that makes Thailand a favourite holiday destination among senior travelers.”


The report said that due to the close proximity, increasing number of direct flights, year round good weather and the visa on arrival facility, Thailand is now a destination of choice for Indian travellers over 55 years of age.


The news comes after Thai tourism chiefs said they expected a huge increase in tourism from India.


By 2028 10 million Indians will visit Thailand annually, the head of the Association of Thai Travel Agents said last December.


In January, it was announced that Thailand would waive the visa on arrival fee for tourists from India and 20 other countries.


On February 14, Thailand officially launched its new eVisa On Arrival (eVOA) service enables faster, more convenient arrival into Thailand for travellers from India and 20 other countries.  


By contrast, a survey carried out by Thaivisa in August 2018 gave an insight into the changing dynamics of tourists and expats in Thailand.


The survey found that fewer Westerners are arriving in Thailand than ever before, while there was also a decline in working Westerner expats.  


Many expats had decided to leave Thailand, citing financial pressures due to rising costs of living.



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-03-18

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24 minutes ago, fforest1 said:

Thailand had loads of high spending westerners for decades until they decided to trade them in for millions of zero dollar Chinese tourist.. 

Yup. Som nam na. Enough is never enough, so they keep coveting until the whole house of cards falls down. Which I am convinced we are seeing now - or the beginnings of it at least..



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God bloody blimey .. Thing is Indians are legendary for being frugal , they don't even like renting out sunlounger's on the beach .. And the negotiations about the boat rental to Koh Larn can go on for ages and get very animated with loads of arm waving and head shaking .. So it is optimistic to believe they are the new big spenders .. And when was the last time you seen an Indian " ling the bell " in a bar .. Exactly .. 

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1 hour ago, snoop1130 said:

targeting high spending senior citizens from India to make up the next wave of foreign tourists to visit Thailand.

Does anyone know what counts as high spending? How much is that in Baht per day? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000?

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I really don't know what would entice the Indian senior citizens to come to Thailand. If they want beaches, there is plenty of clean beach in Goa and Kerala. Jungle treks with real live tigers... And best of all, much better heath care. I would trust an Indian doctor over Thai any time. And Thailand even imports generic medicine made in India....


And, let's face it. There's just more culture in India.... do I say more? Even Thais do the pilgrimage to Bodgaya...

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5 minutes ago, DrTuner said:

I'd suspect the elderly Indians that have got the cash can afford to go to better places than Thailand. 

Indians-Americans are a very wealthy and sucessful population in the Land of Opportunity. They go back to Asia to see Mom, otherwise, its the Grand Canyon and Miami.

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